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I need some SUPPORT of your guys and I really need orders I will complete orders on time

hey guys! Plz, check out my gigs because I need the orders to earn money. I will be grateful if you give me orders at your given time. I introduce my self my name is Anita. I belong to a middle class but I have the skill to do data entry, web scraping, email scraping. It’s more than 1 months above on Fiverr but still didn’t get any order yet. So, please give me useful suggestions to get orders.

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I just checked your one of gig and your profile.

What I noticed?

  • You Don’t have any TAGLINE | HIGHLIGHT under your Profile picture
  • You didn’t Describe in your gig why someone will hire you and what will be the Return on investment.

Please apply on those buyer requests which have budget more then 25$. Let me explain. If you apply on request of 5$ then why someone will take chance on you? because He can buy same thing from a seller who have more reviews. So, Apply on Healthy budget request and offer them discount So there is a chance may be they will consider you. Do work of 25$ in 10 or 15.

Thats all. Pardon me for mistakes and may be my logic is wrong.

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What has the class system got to do with the kind of work you’re willing to do?

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thanks for giving me advice and I will edit my gig :relaxed::relaxed:

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