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I need some tips and maybe advice

Hello, i have been on fiver for a while now, 3 years if i am not wrong, and i have had some ups and downs in the way, buts mostly is the consistency of the gig stadistics, i dont know exactly what i am supose to do, to get more views and clicks, some months ago i went from havin 300 impresions a month, to 22000, and got a lot of sells, but then it came down pretty fast, right now i have about 8000, i would like you guys to see my gig and maybe give me a little recommendation, or your thoughts on it, really thank you guys :slight_smile:


Good stuff, I like your style!

Hello - Gigs are not professional when there are spelling and grammar errors. Hard for me to take the seller seriously. I know not everyone here has English as their first language; in that case, I suggest getting an English speaker to review your Gig.

I have offered to make edits and corrections to a few sellers. Some take me up on it to improve their Gigs and others do not.

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The price difference is so big!
5 40 100?
Try something different and make your prices somehow close.

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