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I need some tips. buyer direct order without a message

So did he cancelled or just not accepting the order? it’s absolutely different things, because he doesn’t have to accept it

Order not canceled . I just want to know about this. I’ve heard a lot of buyer do this. Because there are a lot of spammers. we need to be aware

You just wait, I hope your client responds well to you

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First: Make sure that not only your description but requirements that are mandatory are clear so the order doesn’t start until he fills this all in.
Second: Make most or all your GIG services longer delivery time so if he buys you have time to work on it to avoid cancelation.
Third: If he wants to cancel and you are in the middle of working, ask CS to cancel. If you are almost ready to deliver decide what is important rating (he will leave you negative most likely) or losing gig rank.
Cancelation is gonna hurt your statistics, but you can solve that by making new orders. A negative review is there permanently.
If you deliver and he is not responding, let it go, in 3-7 days it will be auto approved.


@marinapomorac Thank you so much for your valuable feedback. it’s really helpful for me. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s true but we need more context from you to ascertain this.

Maybe you did a poor or incomplete job, both of which would be grounds for cancelling.


Thank you for replying to me. My job is not canceled. i just want to know what I will do if this happens to me. This happened to my teammate a few days ago. Ordered him without any message and he did a very good job but in the end, he canceled the order. I want to know how we can get rid of these spammers

We gave some advice about that very thing later in this thread: Please add an option to “accept/decline a direct gig purchase without prior agreement” - Fiverr Site / Fiverr Site Suggestions - Fiverr Community Forum



That’s the thing.

Buyers don’t have to say much about why they do the things there do.

I have had Buyers accept a completed job and never say a word.

No review.

No thank you.




It doesn’t matter to me because there are other Buyers out there that will become steady customers.

I wouldn’t worry about what happened to your friend and just focus on doing the best job you can for YOUR customers.

Just don’t be alarmed if one of them does something odd.

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They all behave oddly if you assume they will behave just like you.

I mean, people think I am odd!!!



@looseink Thank you so much for your valuable advice :slightly_smiling_face:

I know. I’m saying the context determines what you will do.

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I think I have to accept that if that ever happens. Because Fiverr gives more priority to the buyer. I have to accept that because bad feedback from him is very sad for me. What would you say about this? Should I accept their opinion?

You know why good always trumps the bad?

Don’t let fear get the better of you. When a buyer contacts you before placing an order, you do nothing other than forming a connection. You can still do the same. Treat the order as if they contacted you for the first time.

If you need more information or clarification, ask for it.

If something isn’t clear, discuss.

If you have suggestions for the direction of the project, suggest them politely.

Setbacks happen. But you don’t stop walking on the road because of an accident. Be positive. Give it your 100%. Tell the buyer that you’re available for revisions (only if you are). And hopefully, 8 out of 10 times, everything will go fine.

Disclaimer: I fabricated that 8 out of 10 analogy based on the 80-20 rule.

Hope you get the point.

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Again, it depends on the circumstances. Stop looking for a general answer.

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Sometimes the very best way to be in-control is to realize what you cannot control and let it be what it is if/when it happens.



Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your helpful feedback. it’s really helpful for me

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After the order you can message him or if he doesn’t reply you can go the Fiverr support to cancel the order.
It will not affect your gig or anything.

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Same problem faceing me.
I am contact with support.
They solved my problem.
My order cancellation 0.