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I need some tips to distribute my work

Hello Fiverr Forum

I am a regular user of the Fiverr Forum. I still have a lot to learn. I read regular posts on the Fiverr Forum and I think I’ve learned a lot from here. I hope I learn a lot more. I need a little help today. How can I increase my delivery time to submit my client’s work? Should I mail to Fiverr CS for this reason?. I have not any idea about these topics. Please help me I’m really helpless. :disappointed_relieved:


Check this out:


Hey, @farzana508 You can increase the delivery time by Resolution Center. Go to the order page and see a button called RESOLUTION CENTER. Click on it and input how much time you want to extend. This will better to notify your buyer that you need to extend the delivery time before requesting.


Thank you so much for your valuable feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

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You are welcome. Wishing your success.

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Welcome. Best of luck.

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