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I need some tips to get the first customer please

Hello everyone

I have joined and been active in the buyer request, but there are still no customers who contacted me. is there something wrong with my gigs?

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Welcome to the forum!

Trying to find orders from Buyer Requests is always extremely difficult, as many other new sellers try to get work from there as well and are willing to price themselves incredibly low to help try to nab any order.

Your artwork definitely seems to fulfill the cute/chibi niche and your pricing seems reasonable, but sellers when starting out normally purposefully undervalue their services to help stimulate orders, then increase their prices once they’ve received one or two dozen reviews or acheived Level One.

I did notice some spelling and grammar issues with your gig descriptions and also a lack of utilizing the FAQ. Clearly stating what a revision entitles, or any other important details about an order can and should be posted in the gig FAQ.

I don’t know anything about the illustration category on Fiverr, so I can’t really give you any specific advice on how to best design and position your gigs.

Starting off is definitely the most difficult time for a seller, and getting that initial push of momentum to get the ball rolling might take days, weeks, months, years, or even never at all. Here’s hoping you get that first order soon!


wow, thank you very much
your suggestions really help me to take the next steps regarding my gigs

I will try to do one by one the suggestions you give by improving my gigs in grammar and some of the ones you mentioned earlier

I will ask again later if there is anything else

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I also faced this problem thanks to highlight this problem . wish you very good luck. :relaxed: :star_struck: