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I need some tips to write a perfect and impressive buyer request


i need some tips to write a perfect and impressive buyer request :face_with_monocle:


There’s no particular method you can use to write a proposal.

What I will suggest is that:

you need to write to buyer’s interest.
Try to make your proposal as persuasive as possible.
Speak to their interest,
give them a reason to hire


There is no hard n fast rule this.
Just keep in mind a few things while applying to certain job.

  1. be yourself
  2. dont over promise.
  3. apply only that job which you are 100% sure that you can do perfectly.
  4. answer the question what the buyer wants to hear from you, cause no body has the time to read long and lenghty descriptions, but do write if necessary in asnwering your buyers question cause thats what he is looking for.
  5. read the complete job description what the buyer is offering.
  6. dont copy paste your job requests. try to make your requests personalized to that particular buyer, like if the buyer described something in the offer, mention that in your req.

Hope that helps.

Keep helping :slight_smile:


Thanks Fawad,

Great tips! :sunglasses:


I think at first read the description then try to understand the buyer requirements. Don’t copy or past when you write buyer request.


The first rule is to not copy from others and try to draft a universal request offer which could fit on all your gigs. Because writing an capitative offer instantly for the project could take time and other sellers can apply before you then.
Following points may help you:

  • Start with Hello, it is more formal to greet someone.

  • First paragraph should tell about what you are delivering to your clients.

  • Next paragraph should show your interest towards the projects and some questions about the project in order to connect with your buyer.

  • Third paragraph should contain what you’d be offering to the client regarding the project.

  • At the end thank the buyer for taking their time toread your proposal.

Hope this will help you.


thanks,it’s very helpful for me


thanks, I’ll apply it


Thanks a lot for your valuable information. That is so helpful.


Thank you FAWAD!
It helped us a lot.


Thank You…:heart_eyes: