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I need Somebody Help

Hello People.
Actually Before 3 months my Account was Disable.
But tomorrow 3 months will completed and their is Some Funds Available in my account.
I want to withdraw all Funds. But I don’t know How to Withdraw Funds.
Can Someone Help me to clear all funds.
If someone help me, I will be Very thankful that guy.
I hope someone help me.
Thank you.

You’ll have to contact Customer Support, and they’ll tell you what to do.

I hope you got their permission to create your new (team_hd) account before creating it.


Usually you have to wait 90 days and then ask Support for your funds. They typically require proof of your identity and then the release any funds to you unless the money was returned to the buyers.

Support has to help you, though, the forum is not Support. Your account is not disabled, either, it’s active. though you have no gigs. Error - has gigs.

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What do you mean? team_hd account has 2 active gigs (one for a business card, another one for logo design).

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You are right, my bad. It’s active and has gigs. So, he or she can just withdraw funds normally.



I want to say something.
Actually this is my new account and my old account was Disable.
this is my new account.
So just give me your opinions about Funds.
Thanks for your precious time.

I did.

Granted, we are not Support techs. That’s just how it normally goes.

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I already told you what to do to get your funds.

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