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I Need Someone to Help Boost My New Site And Get Sales


Hi, I just looked up SEO people and I don’t even get what they do? I’m not up on the technology so I can’t even pick someone. What do I need to get my new site known as the place for natural products online? Any help would be appreciated.


As a rule, you really need to research SEO so that you know how it works and what you need to buy or do to increase your rankings. Creating a high ranking website isn’t about saying “who can do this for me?” It’s about knowing what design and strategy initiatives are needed to create a high ranking website and implementing these accordingly.


Dear Glam:

Some basic guidelines:

  1. Your competition includes multinational corporations with huge advertising and marketing budgets, so anyone who claims that they can rank you at the Top of Google is probably misleading you
  2. Backlinks probably won’t do the trick
  3. There are basic things you can do to make your website search engine friendly
  4. Your best bet for building a good reputation for your site is to provide quality content, so while you look for SEO people, you can also use Fiverr for video, audio, images, blog articles, and a range of other services to help make your website awesome. Imagine having Professor Puppet talking about your natural products!
  5. Though it is oriented toward Sellers on Fiverr, this Fiverrcast episode may give you some fine insights into SEO:
    Bonus transcript!
  6. Fiverr does not allow me to offer a sixth item here.

Good luck,


Thank you so much for your help, appreciate it bigtime!