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I need someone to help me out in creating illustrative flyer


Any illustrator expert!

I am out of clues on how to get it done while making the client happy? It is an illustrative graphic flyer design which he wants. I have acquired his requirement, and he has given samples along with reference photos as well, but still, I am failing to execute the design process.

I need help in getting this task completed as soon as possible. It is a job I got for $15. This one is for guys who are more concern about helping each other; I am too much worried what should do now?

I am waiting for your quick and positive response. Anyone ready to help me?
Ps. I got this task via buyer request. I was confident at the moment of taking the order, but now I am failing.


So, you were hired for a project you don’t actually have the skills to complete, correct?


Absolutely right. The skills I am having right now is not enough for this project.


Well, this is indeed a problem, and one you should have avoided. If you can’t do a project, you shouldn’t be asking for orders to complete it.

Your best option at this point is to either refund the buyer his money – since you do not have the skills to complete the work he has hired you for, or, find another seller in the listings who is willing to complete it for you, so that you can deliver the work to your client as ordered.

I recommend cancellation, but there have been some sellers who choose to outsource. There is nothing wrong with outsourcing, as long as it it done right.

In the future, don’t respond to buyer requests if you can’t do the work the buyer is looking for. You’re in this situation because you misrepresented your abilities. That’s a big no-no.



However, I might have overestimated my skills, was confident on myself but in fact, this job is not right for me at the moment, but yeah I’ll giving some time in learning so that I will be able to make such projects done in the near future.


Please Refund Your Buyers Money! it’s the best idea.

and next time Please before Sending buyer request read the job description again and again, if you are qualified then Send the Request for hired.




I am taking your advice. (Y).


you can share me this job if you want.


If you can’t do a job then cancel it! I would think this would be obvious.

I feel bad for the buyer.