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I need someone to test this.. I literally cant find my gig no matter what I search for


First of all , this is NOT a cheesy way to advertise my gig. I have tried searching using all of my keywords , going through 200+ gigs almost every search and I just can’t find this gig… here are the keywords… and here is the gig link.

Keywords: video review, testimonial, customer, show, promote, product tester, market,


If you can find my gig anywhere , please let me know what you searched for. And Thanks in advance guys.


You are available in search.

Try changing your keywords and description


Do you have any suggestions on keywords or the description? The main thing I’m going for in this gig is offering to test their product on camera… Not just a normal testimonial video. I’d really like to see what kind of samples people will send me as well as offer them a video of it on cam. – Thanks for that so far but I’ve already found me using my user name.


Theres got to be a reason why I’m not in the list if I type “Product Tester” in the search… or “Show it off on camera”… These terms are in either my keywords or descriptions and the search results are … umm… not relevant to say the least. So I should be right at the top. =/ I can understand if I’m the 387th one in the list… but I’m not out of like 800.