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I need someone who can make my gig review

I have tried all I could, still no sales yet. I need anyone who can do my gigs review.

what will be my profit ??

I noticed that someone else told you of your grammatical errors. Also, your profile picture isn’t yours. How about an original, professional photo of yourself or a professionally made logo? Clients are spectators before buyers, and they’ll notice these things immediately.

What are you talking about? That’s not really helping the one in question.

@opbagadi A nice long holiday away from fiverr.

Lol @markp I’m sure he won’t want that

@opbagadi you can just try, lend a helping hand to me. I will gladly appreciate it. I haven’t made any sales yet.

It is against the ToS to have someone review your gig for profit. You may get your account banned, especially after discussing this on the forum.

@sheyo99 take advice from @tenthtiermedia and under no circumstances be tempted to accept offers from sellers to swap orders to build up your review collection, it is against the TOS, your will be spotted and both you and your business partner might be banned!