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I need successful sellers suggession


have any successful sellers who have cancelled their account once/ twice or more times,(for any reason / as As like any bad experience (example: click) ) then create new one account, then become now on most selling position?
I need your fiverr story. if there have any private concern, please inbox me. I will not disturb you. thank you.


I haven’t gone through such an experience, but I recently saw on the Forums a seller who had their accounts closed because of lack of time, and re-created another account a few years later, then started getting good sales and wondered how far they would’ve come if they hadn’t closed the first account in the first place.


thank you for your information, I also do not think, re create account may benefited al time.


I am also new here.t thank you


Closing an account thats is getting orders would be a great mistake in the long run.

For any reason, no one would advise a successful seller here on fiverr to do anything of such.


I know a successful seller who now has the third account after having fiverr cancel the first two.


thank you for information


ok hank you …


Nop i didnt close my account