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I need suggestions to improve my gigs

I need suggestion on my gigs. How can I improve them to get offers? Here is a link to my profile

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Your gigs don’t look bad.

Perhaps give them a makeover? New images, new gig copy, new titles, etc. Many businesses rebrand themselves when sales drop.

While working everything over, try to make what you do clearer. Create every gig with three questions in mind:

  1. What service do I offer?
  2. How will the customer benefit from this service?
  3. How can I prove to the customer they’ll receive this benefit?

Answer those three questions clearly and concretely and you should have a really good profile.


I got it a lil. I’ll answer these question in my gigs. When you say a new gig copy, what you mean? Like, I am good in Information Technology, IoT, research stuff. So, I need to make a gig for IT research, another gig for electronics research, to be explicit about my skills.

Gig copy just means the writing used in your gigs. The sales descriptions that get people to buy.


I have made the changes, if you could please go through it.

Nobody is buying my gigs. Why? What’s missing?

Are you marketing and promoting your gigs to the target customers that need your services? Marketing is a great way to bring in new customers. But it also requires a great deal of work.

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So whats the best way to attract new customers? Social media is mere of help, in this.

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