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I need support help asap


I hired an artist who was unable to complete the gig, the artist submitted a request to cancel when I follow the link in my email it told me that I already denied the request which is untrue. I never got a chance to. As soon as I opened the page that message was there. I need help cancelling this order so that I can retrieve my funds


The forum is just a community for sellers and some buyers, but Support doesn’t work through the forum. You need to go to and submit a ticket if you need their direct help. Good luck!


You can send order cancellations request or contact with fiverr cs they will do.


Hi @zenajordan,

Use a “Resolution Center” in the order page and fill the form to cancel the order and then the seller will accept it.

Just access your Order Page through Fiverr Platform and accept the request.


Thank you for your help.