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I need tips for getting orders

Hello everyone I’m 19 days in fiverr I uploaded 4 gigs and I didn’t got any order I shared my gigs in social and didn’t work I’m very good but nobody trust someone without 5 stars and good rating can you comment me some tips?


There is a lot of new seller who get their order after 2/3/4/6 month struggle. So keep going. Send buyer request and share gig social media.


Hi there,

I am a level 1 seller being more than 120 days on Fiverr with 28 five-star reviews.
From my experience, I noticed that it takes a while to get the first order and even more to get a true relationship with a returning buyer. My first order occurred 5 days after I created my first gig, but it only happened because I answered a buyer request.
It has been so for a month or so. Then buyers came to me through my gigs or by sending me a message. I then created a personalized offer, and the deal was concluded.
I suggest you to :

  • Have a look daily at buyer requests (in “more” on your dashboard) and answer those you can offer your services.

  • Take a course or more in Learn from Fiverr: your gigs will rank better on the platform

  • Be patient. A lot of people drop from Fiverr within 30 days because they are discouraged from not receiving orders. If you continue, you’ll receive more orders, more good reviews (if you satisfy your buyers), and it will go crescendo.

Good luck


Thanks for sharing ! It was helpful for someone like me.


Always happy to help :slight_smile:


weird thing i dont have buyer request anymore i did 25 requests and i dont more requests


thanks that were very helpful wish you luck too I did the English test and got 8.2 and the photoshop test got 9.0 This is helpful?

may be I am one of them. I am starting fiverr more then 6 month ago and still never give-up hope.


First find out low competitor keyword then make attractive gig image then make professional description with the keyword. then share your gig. I think you get more order.



Take on board the advice given in your many previous topics.

Be patient and try to improve your gigs. Of course, you will get orders from buyers soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

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In my opinion, it’s all about patience and quality work. Also can help if you reduce your prices and delivery time. Because who doesn’t like the quality work for a very affordable price with fast delivery?
Be patient, don’t give up, and good luck!:slight_smile:

Thank you for your advice. I wish its very helpful for new seller. I also a new seller. Pray for me .

Thank you.

Thanks for your motivating writing.

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2. Send buyer request every day

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Firstly you need to create gigs based on works that are highly demandable, include keywords in the description part that will help your gigs to rank higher.And if possible try to search for buyer requests and respond to their offers.


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Thanks for this information.

You stick with fiverr for 2-3 months. Then you will get good results