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I need tips how can I sell my gig

I am new in fiverr. what I can do for get a buyer.please tell me some tips.


sand buyer request and share your gig in social media . :innocent:

I send buyer request every day,but i can not get order

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please try to understand what your buyer need and then write the offer give your best to satisfy the client you will get your order :slight_smile:

Thanks for your tips.

Hello Kamal,

I went through your gigs and I must say your Background Removing gig is extraordinary. You can boost sales just by updating gig description and adding a few more pictures.

  1. You have to draft a nice description and get it proof read by a friend.

Currently, even your gig titles have errors and they seriously need proofreading.

  1. All your images for “Background Removing” gig are perfect. You can add a brief video explaining how you actually edit images. You need not show your secrets :slight_smile:

  2. Showcase your regular work in a portfolio and share tips for your fellow designers and customers through a blog. fits well.

  3. Regularly participate in forums and help fellow Fiverr users with what you know

Get back to me after 7 days and share your experience:slight_smile:

Thank You For your valuable Opinion. I try to do This.

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It is kind of you to be giving selling tips to other users, considering you don’t seem to have had any sales yourself in 3 years.


Kindness has no limits. :clap:


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Because I added my gigs just yesterday.