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I Need Tips on Hiring a Product Description Writer on Fiverr

I’m both a new seller and new buyer on Fiverr.

Anyways, I create and sell WordPress Themes for living on my own website and on WordPress theme marketplaces…

Can you give me tips on how to find the right product description writer on Fiverr for a WordPress theme that I created because I’m getting ready to launch and sell the WordPress theme that I created?



Did you read and understand my question properly because that’s not what I was asking?

I am looking for a someone that write’s product descriptions that can convert into sales…I need someone that is good at writing the features and benefits of my WordPress theme that I created before I sell my WordPress Theme that I created.

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You just cut and pasted your answer from Wikipedia.

No wonder it did not answer my question…


First and foremost the seller has to have extensive knowledge of WP; the more knowledge the better. Next they have to know how themes work, why people use them and how they help/will help solve a potential buyers problem.

In order for the description to communicate what you wish you will need to provide a sample of the theme - not the full theme via web page but a screen capture or preview shot of theme in jpg format. You may also have to do some foot work with test gigs to ensure you find the right writer and that means purchasing 5USD test gigs to see how said sellers compose their pieces. If you can’t find writers to communicate your message then you may wish to contact some fellow WP specialists to assist with the writing.

Hope this helps.

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You know WP specialists are not copywriters or product description writer so a WP specialist does not know how to write a copy that converts traffic into sales…That’s why I did not bother asking other WP specialist like myself that I know because a lot of my WP specialist friends hire a product description writers and they told me to hire a product description writer

No two WP specialists are alike. Some focus exclusively on creating themes while others focus on creating themes, writing descriptions and other things. I’ve seen this myself on another platform where theme creators write their own descriptions. Anyway it’s just a suggestion for reaching your bottom line.

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Great Point and I agree…WP specialists like my WP specialist friends and I focus on creating WordPress themes only. And we leave the product description writing in the hands of a product description writer to free up our time. And why would someone let a competitor write a product description for them

With that said, a product description writer is still more experienced at writing product descriptions than a WP specialist… …

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Why should I let a competitor like other WP specialists write a product description for me? What if they steal my idea?

Would you hire your competitor to do your writing for you when you know that your competitor might steal your writing ideas?..

You can hire Paul. He specializes on technology topics.
You don’t need a WP specialist unless your targeting developers only. If you’re planning to sell themes for an average Joe who wants to start their own business and do their own website then you need a write who can translate the content for Joe.

I usually don’t write my own blog posts because most of the readers are just regular business owners who know very little about WP. Some of them don’t even care about the technical specs, they want a solution to their problem and it needs to be explained in plain English.



Well said and thanks…