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I Need Tips on orders and buyer requests

Hello everybody.
I joined fiverr on april and I started out good in my opinion. I mean my offers were low priced but I was new so I didn’t mind it. Buyers were accepting my offers. It wasn’t perfect but not bad either. The problem is that I havent received orders in almost two months, and haven’t had buyers accepting my offers. I understand that it is normal sometimes do have these kind of downgrades, but I still need to know some tips on how work this out. I also don’t see a lot of buyers request like I used to see. I receive roughly 2 buyers request per day. There are days that not a single request is shown in the buyers request section. I wonder if there is any problem with my tags or thats general?


Hey! Check out my new post from about four days ago on how to write a good buyer request!

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Can you tell me? How to write a good buyer request!