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I need tips to get orders

It is getting fustrated that I don’t see orders. Pls what can I do. I send buyer request everyday. I furnished my gigs and include videos. I promote them on FB. Still yet I get nothing. Someone please tell me what else I can do. Here is my gig link below


You can share others social media and send effective buyer request offer… I got my first order through it.

Am doing so. Although am only active on FB. I have no major experience yet with Twitter and I try to ensure my buyer request and written to meet the client specific needs. Do I need to charge $5 for a job worth $20 maybe it may help?

If you are a new seller, please watch this video and keep, CLICK MY FAVOURITE BUTTON and more tips Top 5 Fiverr Myths - Debunked!

You can share your fiber gigs as well as Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, LinkedIn marketing and Facebook sharing among your Facebook friends on their social media. Doing so will give your gig a chance to rise and you can get the job done :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Thanks. Do you think my gig needs improvement