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I need to ask something about Late Delivery

Hello friends, I want to ask that I have a gig whose delivery time is 1 day (24 hours) and I do 1 revision in the same price. Now lets suppose I delivered the work in 20 hours, but the client needs the revision and submitted its request. I worked for it and delivered the modified (revised) work in 6 hours (Now total time becomes 26 hours). Will my delivery be considered late?


I think as long as you deliver on time the first time, your delivery time won’t be affected when the client request changes… My delivery has always been 100% even though I always run late on delivering reversion.


Thank you! You have given me big relief! :smiley:

I have the same doubt, I always deliver the work before 24 hours, but sometimes I get customers who make revisions after 1 day, usually most of my orders are delivered in 2 or 4 days, I don’t know if that affects me.

As @franklegacy said, as long as you delivery was on time, being late to deliver revisions does not have an affect on your stats.


although sometimes ### LATE ### appears when I submit my last revisions, Thank you :slight_smile: