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I Need to get 5 orders to Level 1!

Anyone will consider this? I was be able to get 5 orders in my first 19 day, I haven’t any other orders one week. 5 more complete orders need to get level 1. I will do double for your work.

Thank you.

Yes here on fiverr you have to go slow journey till you earn Levels. After getting levels also there may be drop of sales. For me it take more than 2 months to get level 1 and after that there was a drop in my sales. As I know being active on site though you have orders or not is important. I was away due to my undergraduate research those days and those days I didn’t even get a single order. Try to promote your gigs.

Get 3 promotional You Tube Videos

Reply to @radjaseotea: Thank you!

Keep up the hard work fellow.

Reply to @jamescomforth: Always!!!