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I need to get CS Reply Badly

Why we’re not getting CS reply for urgent fiverr technical issues. :disappointed_relieved:
My gig isn’t listed in fiverr “offline search directories” and for that my all gig’s are going down.
I did really hard work to make a career in fiverr But now for that technical issues my gig isn’t listed in fiverr search directories. In that case i need CS help badly. :cry:


How do you know it’s technical issues and not just normal gig rotation?

Believe me people have much more urgent things than another one “why my gig is not shown in search”


It’s fiverr bug because If i go with fiverr offline search directories and i have searched all gig in “fiverr search” page from one page to last page then i didn’t find all gig in that fiverr search results pages.
If it’s gig rank issues and if that gig’s performance is worst then it will be found in fiverr search last page and it will be for one gig problem. But i’m not seeing any of my gig in fiverr search pages.

No, fiverr is choosing to whom show your gig and sometimes it’s choosing not to show it to you.
Would you prefer your gig to be shown to you and be hidden from real customers?

If your impressions are not at zero then your gig is displayed in search.

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already mariashtelle1 replied you nicely.
if you feel really bad as well as have confusion then can ask to CS!
they will review your gigs. will describe your gigs condition in their reply, gigs are active or not !


I know fiverr rules and i’m complete okay if it was fiverr gig’s ranking issues.
But If you search my all gig in fiverr search directories as a customer then it you’ll not see any of my gig in fiverr search results page.
Yes impression is zero that’s why i’ve mentioned my gig is down.

Yes i’m really concerned, I have already contacted CS but i’m not getting CS response.
Nowadays it’s getting hard to get CS reply. I really need CS help but i’m unable to reach with them. :cry: