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I need to get more views to my gigs what should i do

hellow you can see my gigs and i need orders and more views what should i do for this

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tell me what are the errors on my gigs?

my instagram gig ready to sale

Which of the many tips here on the forums have you tried already? And if you haven’t, then please read them. Your questions have been answered here hundreds of times.

Here’s one suggestion: show your real work. Your “Simpson character” gig just shows photos of recognizable people who happen to look similar to 2 cartoon characters and show nothing of your actual work. And for that reason, I would doubt that any of your gigs show work actually done by you.

ok i ll

i got many orders i am happy now.check my gigs

You made some good changes, and congratulations for making sales. You really need to change the photos you’re using on your “Simpson’s” cartoon gig because you can’t use celebrity images without their permission. Doing so is also against Fiverr’s terms of service.

Good luck~