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I need to help my client

Hi there. I’ve tried talking with fiverr support several times and I’m getting only canned pre-written responses not answering my questions or helping me. Anybody out there able to help me? I’m only writing now because I just received a terms of service violation and that is simply unacceptable. I have a client who paid only $5 for a $40 gig. He wouldn’t change the contract, accepted the order too soon, and wrote a bad review. He wants to delete his review. I want to give him a refund. Apparently these things happening at the same time equal stern emails avoiding any help or personal responses. My client has no idea how to delete his review. I have asked several times providing the messages of him saying he wants his review deleted. I get it, sellers can’t delete reviews or submit review deletions. But honestly my feelings are starting to get hurt because I’m trying to do what I think is the right thing, and am getting slapped with reprimanding warnings. I’m on my third round of trying to talk to fiverr reps. Martin, Bob, & Dante have told me the same things.



Not sure what that was :point_up_2:

You can’t get a review removed by giving a refund.

You can ask a buyer to change their review - you can do it through the resolution centre on your order page - you can do this, the buyer can’t.


On the order now page, click on the resolve button. Select that there is a problem with the review, then there should be a button allowing the buyer to change his or her review.

You need to follow this procedure as the buyer cannot modify their review without you sending them this request.


Ever since this problem began, I’ve had a red banner come up with an explanation point that says “you can’t access that page” every time I click “resolve now.”

Has your buyer tried?

Met with the same red banner as I.

What have customer support said about this issue?

Did you offer your client the refund for changing his review, or did he offer it from his side? The rules on that seem pretty strict.

Or did you use that option repeatedly already? From what you write, I guess no, just checking, because Fiverr Help Center says this:

Request Feedback Revision: If you have an issue with feedback received, you can ask the buyer to modify their feedback. Requesting feedback revisions are limited. Repeatedly using this option may cause your account to be blocked.

If not, I´d make a screenshot with that banner thingie and add it to the same ticket you sent them about the issue, maybe it´s a bug.


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Here are the three separate emails I’ve received. You can probably see why I’m disheartened and am beginning to feel like I can’t do anything to help my customer.

"We have reviewed your request to remove the feedback placed on this order by your buyer. Unfortunately, your request to remove this rating does not meet our Feedback Removal Policy. If there is a difference of opinion regarding a feedback left by a buyer, then we suggest contacting the buyer to understand how they rated your services.

I remind you that it is against Fiverr’s policies for Sellers to solicit feedback changes from Buyers in exchange for refunds, discounts, upgrades or any other type of additional benefit."

"Thanks for following up on this. Our team no longer accepts any requests from sellers to remove feedback placed by buyers. If this is something the buyer is willing to do, let them know they can contact us and we’ll be happy to review that for them.

Keep in mind that it is against Fiverr’s policies for Sellers to solicit feedback changes from Buyers in exchange for refunds, discounts, upgrades or any other type of additional benefit."

“Thank you for contacting us about this. We can cancel this order for you. However, we cannot remove the feedback on the order for you. When a buyer leaves feedback, they are not just rating your delivery, they are rating their experience with you as a seller. We take our buyer’s opinions and experiences very seriously. It is against our Terms of Service to “solicit the removal of feedback reviews from buyers through mutual cancellations.””

I can’t seem to get past this one question, so if you could help me clarify my statement so I stop getting asked this, that would be very helpful. My client wants to delete his review. I want to give him a refund. These are two things separately happening at the same time, all because the client has made several mistakes, and I don’t want him to pay for a partial gig (that’d be unfair) and he doesn’t want me to have a review that he wrote in anger. Two people trying to be nice to each other about a misunderstanding and mistake. He has offered to delete his review several times, does not know how to, and this whole problem is happening because - and I say this nicely - he didn’t know how the whole thing worked from the beginning.

It’s because you are offering a refund if the review is removed. That is a breach of tos hence the warning.

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The thing is, we ask, because we´re regular forum readers and have read stories like yours several times already, and since we can´t see your conversation logs, we can´t know what exactly happened/was said when/by whom.
There are forum posts by people who didn´t interpret their talking to their client as ‘soliciting feedback change/removal’ themselves at all and yet Fiverr apparently did.

Your replies from CS look pretty much like a ‘no’, the question is whether they looked into your conversation logs yet, then I guess nothing can be done, and you might even better tread lightly so they won´t misunderstand you and cancel the order, since then you´ll be without your money and still will be left with the review in case your customer won´t manage to get CS to change it (as apparently the resolution center option doesn´t seem to work for you from what you say).
If they didn´t yet, and you´re really sure you didn´t in any way ‘solicit or manipulate’, you could try to convince them with conversation screenshots, I guess.

Fiverr´s stance is pretty clear, if you look at the page I linked.


The important part is this:

If this is something the buyer is willing to do, let them know they can contact us and we’ll be happy to review that for them.

I’m pretty sure that what they mean by this is that if the buyer wants to have the feedback removed, he has to contact support himself and personally ask for his feedback to be removed - rather than you asking for him.

It is too far gone now.

The buyer has to get in touch with NO communication. Since the issue of a refund was discussed, it would be futile.

I’m not offering a refund if the review is removed. I’m offering a refund because it is the right thing to do. I’m getting a little tired of reading people’s responses saying that. I never once said in this thread that I would offer a refund IF my client deleted the review. I don’t know why this is such a hard thing to understand for some people. I want the guy to have his dang $4 that I didn’t fully earn, because he accepted the order before I could complete it fully, and he wants to delete the review because he does and doesn’t know how to. I’m trying to help a guy out, so hold your dang TOS breach horses and actually read what I’m saying. CS apparently isn’t either. Thank you to those who actually read and offered good feedback.

Here is what caused the confusion: When you and a buyer have a conversation about a review change, the only safe route is to not mention the possibility of refund at all. Even if you (seller) intend to refund later to be nice, you just have to avoid mentioning it since it’s a separate issue.

That way the buyer can change the review through a resolution center request or through Support, but no misunderstanding will happen. After the review is changed or removed, then you (seller) can use the resolution center to initiate the separate refund by cancelling the order.

Although you and the buyer didn’t intend to make the two things connected, Support interprets them as connected. They do this when they happen at or near there same time or in the same conversation.

Because of that, I don’t think you can do anything about the review now. You can refund or not, but the review is probably a done deal. Now at least you know how to avoid this in the future.