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I need to help

I want to sell services in Fiverr but no one is Contact with me, I need to help and thank you .

I would suggest focusing on 3 gigs. Pause the rest for now.

Find a local business owner you know and get them to use your services on Fiverr. Working in Fiverr is real similar to providing valueable service to real people in your local community. If you struggle to get local people to buy, then it will also be difficult to get people online to buy.

Need help also. Getting no answer! Why is this so difficult? I am trying to make a gig but it keeps saying the title is illegal. It doesn’t matter what I write in…I’m not using I will…I’m keeping it simple but it says EVERYTHING is illegal, even one word.

I think you need to revise a few things…I agree, have just one business card gig to start with, having too many of the same thing may not help you.

ALso, on your menu gig, are you delivering print ready files? Will they be in proper high resolution for printing? YOu should make that clear.

On your 50 HD images, your title says 50 but inside it says 21. Fix that. Also, how are you able to sell stock photo images, what kind of license do you have to resell them - or are these all your own personal photos that you took yourself? I would also suggest using some samples that are more business focused, maybe instead of having 3 photos, have three samples that have a few photos on them like in a collage to show different kinds.

I would consider getting rid of your how to make money on Fiverr gig for now. Bring it back later once you actually start making money on Fiverr. No one will believe your gig for that or that you wrote that book because you are a new seller so you didn’t make any money yet. :slight_smile:

you can check the academy for help.

I agree with Landongrace’s comments. Practice makes perfect - just keep working on your selling skills and the business will pick up

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Thank You