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I need to hide my IP!


I am working for one of my client. But I need to hide my computer’s IP address. If I hide it, is there any trouble for my fiverr account?

I am worried about this. Because I dont understand what should I do?

Please give me suggestions.


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Sorry I don’t know how to hide IP addresses but you do know you can just google that out. Anyway, why do you want to hide your IP address??

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You ate taking big risks for a potentially unethical client. If someone needs you to hide your IP to do VA work, that is very odd. Personally I would not accept an order like that and would cancel if they insisted after ordering. If you are on Fiverr using a proxy or other, it might not hurt, but if it appears you are in a different country suddenly, it could put your gig or account at risk. Why would a client need that unless they were doing something wrong?

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You need a proxy, if you don’t know what it is just google it.

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Are you sending large amounts of emails for your client? I can’t imagine what your client is doing that they would hire a VA and tell them to hide their IP.

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You can use Unlimited Free VPN - Hola, It’s a free extension for google chrome. You can access websites blocked in your country with Hola!

I always use this extension to watch one of my favorite show What Would You Do on ABC News :smiley:

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May you please suggest me any free hide ip address

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dijatul said: If I hide it, is there any trouble for my fiverr account?
Check the terms on the site where you will be hiding your ip, or better yet phone them to make sure you're not violating their terms by accessing the site from outside the US. If it's ok with them and their terms then just go for it if not then you would be violating their terms and by doing so you would also be violating fiverr's terms (fiverr's terms state that gigs may not violate third party terms).
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Reply to @theratypist: Its a work for client. That is why .

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Reply to @dijatul: Ohh. I don’t really know if it’s okay. But you can try asking Customer Support just to be safe. :slight_smile:

Reply to @theratypist:
I already asked them but you know, how much they delay for answering.

Reply to @misscrystal:
Thank you . I have to pretend that I am from USA. otherwise I am not able to research some website. Because they only allow USA people to access . That is why I have to hide my IP and pretend I am from USA.
Otherwise I am not able to work .
I hope you understand now.

Reply to @fonthaunt:
I have to research some website for my client . Because they only allow USA people to access . That is why I have to pretend that I am from USA. Its simple.

Reply to @solow13:
Thank you . Do you have any idea about free Ip hide address.

Reply to @dijatul: There are many options available. You can use a VPN or a proxy to do this. However, don’t login with your Fiverr account at the same time as this could cause some problems.

Reply to @wpfalcon:

Thanks, I will try

Reply to @flatpp: thanks

Reply to @dijatul: yes, but why is your client asking you to research these websites? You should NOT do anything where you have to PRETEND to be somewhere or do something you are not really doing.

Reply to @dijatul: Be careful about getting involved in this kind of work though. There might be a reason the buyer does not want to do it themselves and wants you to do it.

What kind of research or work on the USA website do you have to do?

i am worried for you about this job.

Reply to @sincere18:
Thank you . Its property research from this website.
I am not able to do it from my IP.
That is why I am asking.

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