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I need to improuve my gig

Is now long time that is still waiting new order, but nothing.
I have change my gig description, pictures and more…
Help me to improuve my gig… Thank you.
My gig:


Always check your gig images from your profile. (I’m fairly sure you don’t want people to focus on your belt buckle.)

For more tips:


You could add some English text to the gig description as that might help. Also I’m not sure “le FRECH” is correct.

If you change the aspect ratio of the main gig image (eg. crop it) or use another one that is more the right aspect ratio - around 1.619:1 maybe or see the link in the previous post for more info it) it will show better on your profile page.

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Hi, @send95
Try to make your gig very attractive and useful. You will be marketing your gig to your social channel and try to active all-time in fiver.
And try to complete 10 bids every day.
I hope you will get order as soon as possible.
Have a good day.
Thank you

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