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I need to improve my gigs please give me some tips!

i have already 7 gigs but for last 23 days i am not getting any orders i think i need to improve my strategy as well as improve my gig…please give me some tips

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promote your gigs at any social media platforms

how to promote gigs on twitter?

As you have stated in your profile description fluent in English but I can see some grammar mistakes in your gig description, pricing package, profile description, and you have not even taken basic English Test.

Copied from your gig description.

"So if you’re curious about getting best service on least Budget CONTRACT ME now’
I am sure here you meant to say Contact me now but you have written contract.

Copied From Pricing Package.

“do a 7+ page website”

It should be Design or create 7+ Pages.


Please take time to improve these things and don’t mention I am fluent. This will create bad impression on buyer. And promoting on social media won’t help until you fix those mistakes.

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Please stop advising with this template which they can see every where. Did you read his question? He has said strategy to improve gigs? Not to promote the gigs. Give advice that you are actually following and you can stand on grounds.

thnaks for your suggestion :heart_eyes:

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