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I need to increase my GIG impression

Currently my gig impressions are downing regularly. Please give me tips how I increase it day by day. Also can you please explain it?
Thank you


Have you read this thread yet?


Thank you for replying my friend.


you are absolutely right my dear friend.

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Share your gig all social media and also try to get a backlink

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If I share on social media, the account will not be blocked?

This might help with that question:

If you don’t know how to properly market yourself and advertise without spamming, then yes, you do run a high risk of account banning.


Yes I am confused about it. I need to know how my gig marketing or advertise without spamming. Please let me know

Thank you for asking politely, it’s appreciated. Still, my answer is ‘no’. I spent far to much time, effort, opportunity costs, and other resources in several semesters of college to give away my marketing knowledge for free to a potential competitor.

That said, here is a good place to start in your own self-education:

(You seem to know something about B2B, as that’s what you’re trying to sell with your gigs, so now you need to look into B2C.)