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I need to know about the fiverr labels

Hello everyone, I’m new here and I’m really glad to be here. I joined fiverr 50 days ago.
I want to know about the fiverr labels. Right now I’m on lable one and I saw if I want to be a label to seller then I have to make 50 sales within 2 months. But right now I have over 65 sales and I’m still a label one seller. Why?
Also I like to know what is the procedure to be a top rated seller? I have seen, top rated sellers are getting much order and their gigs are also on the top page of fiverr.
If, I did ask something wrong then please don’t mind. I’m new to fiverr so maybe I need time to understand all this.

You can read more about that here --> Levels

Thanks for the link. How I can be a top rated seller? I mean is there any process or form to apply for it to fiverr?

You must complete fifty individual orders for you to get a level 2 status

I did complete 65+ individual orders…

Read the Levels page. As it says there, Fiverr chooses TRS personally. You can just do what it says on that page.

I don’t think you’ve been selling for more than 60 days yet.

I’m selling for near about 50 days.

It has to be 60 days.