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I need to know deeply and solve my problem

Hi, everyone?
my previous account are banned? and i create a new one so i need to add my previous Payoneer account which one associate within my previous disable account is this possible? or if not possible can i close previous Payoneer account and create new one using same information… if some one knows better please let me know?


You will need to contactfiverr customer support to confirm the exact steps you need to take.


i already gave a message they say talk within Payoneer support …

OK great, have you talked to payoneer support?


Hi , you will able to create different payoneer account with different mail id .no issue!!


if they remove my current payonner account from my disable fiverr account can i use it again in my new account ?

Please - it really sounds like you need to ask Payoneer support for the help nobody here can give you.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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you need to read the TOS again,

Once account can be associated with only one account. you want to make another payoneer account you need to delete the old payoneer then only you can make a new one.
get in touch with poyneer and delete the old account beofre you even try to make another one. and then only connect to fiverr

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yes! i am waiting for talk within payoneer support and hope that i will get a best results?

just follow the steps and you will have no issue,

call the guys at payoneer, delete your old account

make a new one through Fiverr simple as that

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yes, i just waiting for their replay …


your account is disabled. I just checked.

how? you checked tell me ?

your account you are replying in here is disabled by fiverr

i don’t violate any rules right now i think?

No, your account’s fine - the forum struggles with _ characters and inserts extra 1s etc.

Your account name is shawon__sunny?


yes! i really afraid when she told me your account has been disabled?

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I learn something new.

Sorry @shaw

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No worries! :slightly_smiling_face:

no problem… thanks

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