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I need to know fiverr algorithm & fiverr seo

i need to know how fierr work and whats need to run gigs on first page .


Fiverr is constantly changing its algorithm and the SEO of Fiverr does not work the same as Google or other search engines. What I suggest is providing accurate descriptions that showcase your offer and cover all of the key points of what you can provide. Use keywords that fit the niche of your offer, and provide quality work. I can say one thing for sure, the more 5-star ratings I receive, the higher my Gigs climb on the front page.


We don’t know the algorithm. what under your control is only you can keep trying and trying.


My one of fiverr gig in 1st page but suddenly it was showing last page (no any negative,99 respond rate,99 delivery time,99 order compleated) 40+ Feedback

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Learning the algorithm is not tricking his way on the top actually. Why do you optimize your websites using (300+) SEO techniques to be on the top on Google?
Learning the algorithm will teach him to cover his grey areas and deficiencies to build a strong and standing out profile.
Obviously with the hardwork working gigs.

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There are many factors Fiverr is considering for sellers to rank their gigs, some of them might be Online Time Spent, Response Rate, Conversion Rate (Highest Ignored Parameter) etc.

So you need to learn how to maintain a healthy position covering your loose ends.
For Conversion Rate I must say you need to work on your Communication Skills to close atleast 70% of the clients coming to your inbox.


I need a new Tesla, but only doing good work over a long period of time will :bear: fruit and the cash to pay for it. The dodgyrithm is geared to making money thats all you need to know.

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Only Fiverr knows how the algorithm works. They’re not sharing.

What is useful to know is that it swaps in new sellers as well as more established ones, so doesn’t work like google.

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Fiverr keeps the details of their search algorithm confidential. No matter how much you, or any other seller, may want to know “learn the algorithm”, it’s not going to happen. Fiverr clearly views their search algorithm to be proprietary information. It isn’t going to be made public.


I highly ignore that parameter because with all the spammers in my inbox, that parameter is worthless to me.

And it’s the parameter that albeit we can see it, is none of the level eval parameters for some reason - I’d say that reason, so I assume they are aware that the conversion rate isn’t the parameter that makes the most sense to weight highly.

Just a little conversion rate rant, my inbox today was several spams plus an inquiry about something against ToS, there wasn’t anything even remotely convertible there (well, the inquiry about the ToS-violating job would have converted … I said no sorry, of course … ).
Would lack major logic if that counted for much. I can’t completely dismiss that it still might count for much, of course. The algorythmystery must prevail. I’m not actually sure that anyone apart some AI in the making actually knows the algorithm in its entirety anymore anyway, we with our human brains might be beyond any chance to demystify it by this point :wink:


No they aren’t. Don’t perpetuate this myth. Why are you making this up?

A change in rank doesn’t mean a change in algorithm at all, let alone frequent changes.

Algorithms are dynamic, not static, and you do not and cannot know what it has been programmed to do. It isn’t possible. You’re making an assumption and presenting it as fact. Don’t.

@victor_sir_seo If you think a company would reveal it’s algorithm or that if we knew it we would tell you, you shouldn’t be selling SEO services.


If I am “perpetuating a myth,” then why do posts like this exist from Fiverr staff?


thanks for sharing informative text.

Because they are tests, not permanent changes hence “do not fear.”

Fiverr wouldn’t announce if they’d permanently downgraded people and they wouldn’t do that because it would hurt their revenue.

Plus, you don’t even know if your gig is affected by the test for the reasons I mentioned earlier.

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Thanks a lot for your advice. i would like to know why i should not sell seo services over here. can you be more specific cause i am running a successful business over other platforms.
i would appreciate your reply.


I meant you personally shouldn’t be selling them because you don’t understand the business strategy of algorithms and think Fiverr have revealed theirs, as I explained. It would be like me becoming a football player despite not understanding the strategy of football.

I didn’t mean people in general shouldn’t sell SEO.


You can’t learn the algorithm because it is confidential and Fiverr would never give us access to that.

We can glean insights about how it may work, based on what it would make sense for Fiverr to fo and what we see in our results, but this is an important distinction from knowing it.


The user really don’t know Fiverr algorithm.
Every month they change their algorithm.

Exactly! you are right saying and for ranking the gigs need to promote them by social media or by Quora or other forums.

Well saying :hugs: