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I need to know how to do gig marketing at social media?


I don’t know the best ideas on how to share the fiverr gig link on social media if you know please share the concept that you have applied.


What concepts other people applied wouldn’t work for you. You have your business they have theirs and it works differently for different products and services. Find your target audience and work towards that. Learn how marketing is done. (Even if you don’t know how, there are a lot of videos on YouTube how to do successful marketing and not only on fiverr.)

You are responsible for Your business, invest your time, learn and you’ll find yourself in a good position over the time.


If you have a decent social media or presence or you know that you are capable of then just make a post on your media choice with an example of your work. Share a short story about it and then provide the link. Make yourself personal.


@jameabir Did you just copy my comment?


Yes. Someone here did that to me recently. I reported it and I think they took it down.


I haven’t copied. I don’t know how it can be flagged.


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It’s flagged because copying are not allowed. You just took everything what I said and rephrased it.

Which I don’t mind I just don’t understand how’s that going to be helpful for the person to receive 2 absolutely the same advices.


Look, you explained with your words and I explained by my words. Solution can be same and that’s why I commented what I thought. If you think I copied from your words then it’s your thought.

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Maybe it was accidental. Avoid writing posts that look like you smashed someone else’s comment with a thesaurus. You definitely have something to contribute to the community, but restatement isn’t the way to go about it.


Your best bet is to promote via your own site; such as blog or something similar. However; you must not go the route of blatantly advertising to the point of spamming. Share your knowledge in posts that focus on your strong points as a freelancer.

If you’re going the route of sharing on social media outlets please don’t go the route chronic posting; posting repeatedly any and everywhere. There are some posts in the fiverr blog and with some past podcasts that touched on the matter. Hope this helps.


In marketing, it’s best to use content and conversations to establish the problem your customers are having and then to position yourself as a solution, but only by demonstrating HOW you solve the problem. Don’t just say you accomplish something for clients. Show how and prove it. Provide data, share case studies. Show the return on the investment someone would get from hiring you so they don’t think you’re just throwing your money away.

Great points from @topaz_muse.


Thanks for you valuable replied