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I need to know something about Vacation Mode

Hi…I know this is not Relevant Question for This Category but need Quick Answer :smiley:

This is the Q -

If I turn On Vacation mode for 4 - 5 days my gig will Vanished form 1st page ? now I have Logo Design gig in Fiverr Home Page…

Can you let me know the Answers Please guys :frowning:

In the past gigs disappeared from search when vacation mode was enabled, then they went back when vacation mode was disabled.

I don’t know if this is changed right now, but I think it’s the same…

Honestly I am afraid of that vacation mode. In recent period I did a lot of improvements on my gigs and my sales are going better and I do not know what to do when I take vacation.

I am afraid positions will drop down and will not be back fast so stable ravenue may be lost.

With or without the Vacation mode, there are no guarantees that a gig will stay on the first page.

Reply to @mark74: mmmm Thanks Mark lets see others Comment :smiley:

Reply to @m2webs: mmmm yes me too but its Urgent :frowning:

Reply to @catwriter: Yes I know that bro :slight_smile: but I need to know if I disable it gig will come to same place…

Reply to @catwriter: I agree, but we all know that fiverr system is not perfect so why stopping and testing how it works while you are on the first page :smiley:

good thing about me is that I can go on vacation and someone will continue delivering :smiley:

Reply to @mystic_insight: Thanks for the comment :smiley: but I need confirm it %100 :smiley: