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I need to know what to do? I had a gig ordered for domain purchase. I bought the domain

Buyer Says will contact me when purchase the hosting. time left only 40 minutes. Should I click deliver now button or not?

Well send the message to the buyer that you need to click deliver for the sake of the fiverr delivery time, and also explain that when ever he is ready, you will do the real delivery of your work.

The best way is to communicate everything in details. The buyer will understand if he is reasonable trustful person. If not, you don’t need that kind of buyer so you loose nothing … :slight_smile:

If a buyer is unresponsive to requests for information or updates, I always hit deliver when the deadline is approaching and include a message explaining politely that the delivery will be completed as soon as I receive the information. The majority of people understand this and apologise for the delay once they get around to submitting the information.