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I need to make Money

Hello Sir / Ma

Pls i need help on how i will get order on fiverr because i haven’t make any money here and am professional and my gig are also on first page but i get nothing in return.

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Hi! You seem to have the idea that Fiverr owes you something. “I get nothing in return.”

Please read about my experience that I had as a seller starting out on Fiverr. Some of the information might help you.

Okay, i really appreciate this.


rest assured. thanks

Hi ekramulekramul. First let me say that whatever i tell you is not meant in an insulting way,i am not here to criticise you.
I have looked at all your gigs and the one that stood out the most to me was your creative writing gig. I understand that English is not your first language,but that gig in particular is very badly worded. In that particular gig you say amongst other things that you offer proofreading.
Now, i am the worlds worst at grammar but even I can tell that the text has not been proofread. It,s full of mistakes and if I were being truthful its all very ambiguous.None one is going to buy a gig where proofreading is offered if the gig description itself is anything less than perfect.
This is the same in all your gigs. I found them very difficult to read to the point of wanting to give up. My advice would be to get someone on Fiverr to put these things right for you ( I am not that person) then you will stand a better chance of selling,
Like I said I am not telling you this out of a desire to offend you. No, I’m just offering some constructive criticism. Hopefully you will take it in the spirit it was intended.