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I need to make not less than $ 1000 a month.. Is it possible?

Hey all… Feel good to return as a writer on Fiverr… It is been a minute… I can see that the community has really grown… A question out there…is it as easy as it was sometime back to make money when Fiverr…as it is today… and more so as a writer… Talk to me people… Thanks a lot…

Additionally, this is what I have for my gig…have a look…any feedback is highly welcome…
Thanks again Feel good to be back great people…!!!


It is possible, but I’d say don’t have your expectations up too high when starting.

As long as you don’t punctuate your papers like you do your posts here you should be fine? Some people aren’t huge fan of excessive ellipses.

Also, it’s awesome that you speak Chinese :slight_smile: 你是咋学的中文?


It’s definetly possible. it depends on the demand of your gigs though. I made over that amount monthly.


For sure 100% just stick to buyers requests and design your portfolio as professional as possible according to your skills keep in mind no fake portfolio.

Send the proposals like a professional worker toward your job that you are applying and gives full satisfaction in your proposal to get more positive results from buyers.

Once you get your project, try to hard to give him/her best results as soon as possible also give them revisions as they needs till full satisfaction so you can get better Feedback that will make your profile boost and leaves a better impressions on buyers.

That’s all once you get better impressions and clicks you will definitely can earn more than $1000 in this Amazing platform.

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Thank you all for your feedback. Greatly appreciated

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