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I need to remove messages from inbox


I’m an new seller here, so i have asked many questions from the fiverr, but i’m always getting so many messages to my email inbox. those are not relevant any more. Could you please any one can help me to stop this messages please ?



Move them to your Archive folder.



Thanks for your reply. I means about my email. i needed to stop getting messages from fiverr forum to my email inbox.


Oh, ok.

Trying unchecking the applicable boxes under account settings.


If i un check inbox messages, will it be a problem for my customer responds. ? thanks


Well, personally, I like having the notifications arrive via mobile and email. It’s a convenience thing if my :iphone: is charging or something and I’m using my :computer:. I won’t miss any important messages! Also, messages going to my [inbox] is easier to keep a copy of user history and such. However, it’s totally up to you, I would recommend checking your Fiverr inbox periodically throughout the day. Cause you know the response rate factor.


Just from the forum?

When on the forum, click on your profile picture at the top right corner, then on the gear icon, then on Emails. After that, uncheck the boxes you want to uncheck, and you’ll stop receiving emails from the forum activities.