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I need to report a guy who is swearing with me in fiverr and his just troll thank you

there is a guy he order my gig for $5 but i told him i’m upgrading my studio and i return his money back but that guy still try to troll me in last message when i said “we don’t need to talk” he start swearing really really bad words and his saying " I will be telling people about you.

Fake Fraud Liar Je*k Punk Idiot.And I got your troll your an idiot and I can’t stand liars will post everywhere that you are fradulent and fake as hell… what is this? :-w


Sorry the guy is swearing at you. But I have to ask…

  • Why was your gig active if you are “upgrading” your studio?

  • Why didn’t you just do his gig and be done with it?

sorry about that i just start working on my studio today and when i came online on fiverr i got his order now its not active anymore

@maxjon Please report abusive users to Support.