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I need to share website link for sample work

My clients often ask for sample work. I have a website with my writings.
Can I share my website link with the clients so they can read my previous works?

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Within the gigs themselves:


A flat NO! Rather confirm with Customer Services, but I don’t think you are allowed to. I wouldn’t.

I looked interesting!

Definitely ONLY link to one of the allowed links.

How a craftsman creates their portfolio says a lot about them.
With a bit of thought you can make a very workable Portfolio using only YouTube, even for a writer.


Hi, I want to use YouTube for my own Fiverr account but I only want people on Fiverr who click the link to be allowed to see. Can this be done?

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Yes…You go to the uploaded video on youtube.
Click on ‘edit option’
Set visibility to ‘unlisted’…by so doing only people with the link can view the video.

Hope this was helpful?

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Very thank you! I want to showcase my work on YouTube!

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You can create and upload a video that talk about your work on youtube.

Then paste a link to your fiverr gig in the description section.

Thanks a lot for helping me.

I was not doing that and I think I will keep on avoiding this. Thanks

Ahan I will check it and ask customer service as well. Thanks

I will try to do that but first I will consult the CS.

Are you sure about this? I don’t think sharing a youtube video link would be allowed

Yes Youtube video links are allowed, 100% sure :100:

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You can send your website link.
But careful that you website do not have any contact details.

You can take screenshots of your website and add the screenshots in a pdf then send the pdf to your buyer.

You can make a video of your full website.


Can you point to where in the TOS it says this as my understanding unless your website happens to be YouTube or one of the other approved destinations, it is absolutely not ok.