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I need to start selling on Fiverr again

I have sent my concerns to Fiverr-support but I am still not able to send out buyer request or to get my gigs activated, how am I going to get to level one if I cannot get work. Please help me to move forward, thanks.

Your gigs are active, I see them clearly. Your ratings are just dismal, though, once you are in the 60% range you are going to have a really, really hard time. I can’t tell what all happened to lower your ratings so much, except that you have a 1 star for non-delivery on one of your gigs. I am not sure what you expect Customer Support to do. They can’t let you use buyer requests at a rating so low. They can’t raise your rating for you, only you can do that. What did you ask them to do?

At such a low rating, you would have to get a good sized number of 5 star ratings to bring your percentage up and you are in quite a bind when no one will want to buy from you. My best suggestion would be to ask Customer Support if they would close your account and let you open a brand new one. (You have to have the old one closed first.) My second best suggestion would be to find enough people in your local area who could use your services to offer them very, very good deals. If they can buy your gigs at $5 each and you do way more work than you usually would for 1 gig, they can give you good ratings and slowly raise you. Personally, I would find that much harder than just starting completely over.