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I Need To Stop Being Charitable

There is one thing that I do that many writers and freelancers I know get on my case about, and that is giving discounts. I give out discounts to a lot of my clients, especially longstanding clients because I feel it is a good gesture and many clients will like it.

If a client comes to me and asks for Five 300 word articles, I often write it as five 300 word posts x 5$, as I have a deal where the initial price is 300 words with each additional 150 being an extra 5$. That way, the customer pays 25$ for 1500 words, instead of 45$.

However, I often get clients who try to bargain with me for even lower prices than my discounted rates. They act as if I am being cheap when I tell them no. So I might just revoke that generosity. Sure, I can use the money, but I am not the government, I don’t give handouts.

I will probably soon start to charge full price to all clients, and maybe give discounts if asked. I am a freelance writer, not a doormat.


If clients come back, keep in mind they are willing to pay just the same :slight_smile:
New clients, you set the tone with discount unfortunately. I’m not saying it’s always bad but for whatever reason some people treat you worse the less they pay…

there are always some clients who come to designing gig and ask for watermarked samples.

Just free.

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I’ve noticed that whenever I negotiate discounts with a buyer I almost always have problems later. It’s just not worth the hassle.

No discounts. No Samples. No, I will not agree to work on a project that I have to squeeze blood out of a stone from just to get a basic idea what you want. Get out of line and let the real buyers through.

One good thing about this approach is that every time I turn down buyers attempting to serenade me with a miniature violin solo, I end up getting a bigger direct order which more than compensates.


That is what I am going to do from now on. No more discounts.


Dang it! I knew I shouldn’t have bought that miniature violin. Oh, well, taking it back then. :joy:


I only give small discounts on the largest custom orders. Prices are already low enough.