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I need to talk to the manager of Fiverr

I need to talk with the manager of Fiverr. Do you know how?

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There is no way to do that. What do you need to talk about?

You can contact customer support and they can help you.

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When the support center is not respoinsive, what should I do?

They removed two of my gigs by mistake, and there was nothing wrong. And they did not help me.

Was there any message you got when they removed your gigs, about why they did it?

I send emails to them, but they do not reply. So, is there anyone else to answer, if they do not support?

They sometimes don’t answer if you sent more than one message on the same subject. Let us know if you got some message about why they were removed and perhaps we can offer some suggestions.

one of them removed without warning, only because of using a word of “free”. it was a gig for web design

They may also be really busy. Lots of gigs are being removed, which has probably caused a backlog of messages.

A few other people have come onto the forum today to say Fiverr hasn’t gotten back to them. Hang in for a little longer.

We need to know the exact wording of the message. Using the word “free” is not a reason to remove a gig.

Usually if they do not like the wording they simply pull it and tell you to change that word.

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If you are one of the authorities, I can send you copy of my emails, and my explanations.

No I’m not. I’m a seller like you but you can show it here, the message you got about why it was done.

So, I do not want to make it public. And I hope they see and be responsive.

Ok but lots of us have gotten similar messages or have been on the forum for years and have seen pretty much everything so that is why I asked for the exact wording of the message, to try to find out what is going on.


You might have violated the terms of service. You might have been offering something that is not allowed. There is no way to tell unless we see the message but at any rate it seems that your gigs were removed and will not be returning, for whatever reason.

There could well be an innocent explanation – one that’s easy to rectify. Fiverr is pretty uptight about symbols and word choices and categories and what not. A misstep here or there and you’re in trouble.

I’d trust MissC to take a look if I were in your shoes.

Whatever happens, good luck, hope you’re up and running soon.

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So one of them was a translation gig, and the only reason for removing was because I used the words of “academic articles”

Ah, bingo…

Change those words and you should be golden with that gig.


And another gig about wb design… And it removed because I mentioned that I will give free web hosting and free SSL with the web design. And they said I was not allowed to say free
In any case, I explained that I did not know, let me edit it. But they said it cannot be restored anymore. Why? Why did not warn me before to edit?

Did you say that in the description or did you say that you would give those things free for a good review?

Perhaps you could try again with another similar gig.