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I need to understand this joke! [Resolved]

the joke that you get when you’re waiting for the buyer to respond to your cancelation request : "Two robots run in to a bar, the third one had a better driver"

I don’t get it, and as a fiverr member I have the right to :smiley: :smiley:

When you have a car accident, you can “run into something” Apparently 2 of the robots had bad car drivers that were driving the cars that they were in and they actually hit the bar with their car. Bar being a place where people get intoxicated or drink alcohol (beer).

The third robot had a better car driver for his car and he didn’t run into the bar. There is also a play on words. Driver not only means “person who drives a car”, but it also means a piece of software that allow a computer or in this case a robot to operate or “run”.

Hope this clear up any confusion. Hope you don’t “run into” any problems with your cancellation. You also might need to switch drivers. :slight_smile:

i guess there are 3 robots total. so two of them in the car hit the bar. the other didn’t so his driver was more focused on the road and had proper driving skills.