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I need to withdraw my money

i have another account, but now is deactivates from fiverr team, may i did something illegal,

but i need to withdraw my money .

what can i do now ?

Well… you just said it yourself. Having another account is against the Fiverr TOS. Not sure how you’re going to withdraw your money.

You are going to have to contact Customer Support and ask them why your account was deactivated so you can make sure to not do anything wrong in the future with your new account and if there is a way to withdraw the money.

What kind of gigs do you sell? When your first account got deactivated did you contact Customer Support to find out why?

It is against fiverr’s TOS to keep multiple accounts however you will be able to withdraw your funds after a period of 45 days. Contact Customer Support :slight_smile:

thanks for all :slight_smile: