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I need (trs) help for my gigs

i have some problems no my gig plz check my gig

If you only want help from a Top Rated Seller, I suggest you pay one to help you. TRS are often very busy. This is a public forum and free peer advice is available but from anyone who can respond, not just one level. However, since I am only a level 2, I won’t try to offer any suggestions.

Yep. This is the same reason why I didn’t offer him any help either.

You might want to rework on some of your gigs;
for example for your logo gigs, I believe that some of them belongs
to another person, or you found them on google.
It seems like you also offer writing gigs, but by simply looking at your short sentence
you wrote above, I get the feeling you are not ready to offer writing gigs to others…
unless you are part of a group, and one member can speak native-level English.