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I need urgent answer guys

Can someone help me explain what tailored action plan means. Buyers are asking me that but i don’t really understand it

I would assume it means a customized plan, a very detailed plan targeted to his needs. But I can be wrong, you should ask him for clarification.

Project Tailoring means adapting requirements and specifications of a project to current operational needs of an organization through reviewing, modifying and supplementing the project data. It is a consistent process to ensure that the project is performed correctly according to the organization’s operational and business requirements. The process is carried out when the project is finished and there is a need to tailor or fit its product to the business needs.

Tailoring a project is intended to help a management team to ensure that planning, control, governance and use of the project and its deliverables are done in the right way so that the team can continue work towards project deployment and maintenance. The team needs to be sure that the project approach, strategies, controls, processes, roles, jobs and other content are aligned with organizational goals.

There are four criteria for evaluating a project and tailoring it to operational and business needs. These criteria are:

An amount of internal effort involved in executing project work, including technical work, planning, implementation.
An amount of external effort involved in delivering project results, including investments, capital expenditures, third-party consultation costs.
The total project duration measured in units of time (weeks, months, years).
Business value delivered by the project.

Source: “Taskmanagementguide”

Let me know if understood. Or ask me anything you want.


@abidagfx It appears you copied the content from another website. I know you are trying to be helpful so if you do paste copied content make sure to include your source or your thread will be pulled for plagiarism.

Thank You I added the source now.