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I need urgent help PLEASE


I created my fiverr account long back but i recently started using it as a seller.

and i got an order through BUYER REQUEST section. This was my first order.

The buyer seems like a very kind and patient person.

but soon he started changing his requirements, his talking style also changed to very bad.

anyway, as it was my first order. i did everything he asked and co-operated with him.

It was really stressful because he was changing his requirement too much and he was very impatient.

I worked very hard and delivered the project.

I also asked for some sample data to test my project and project worked great.

Now after delivery, he changed his data and requirement and now saying that my project is not working.

He is lying that its not working.

Its working perfectly fine as we discussed.

What should i do in this case? Please help.

He requested for revision out of nowhere.

He is saying he will not accept this delivery until the software does not work as he wants it now.

I worked very hard and tolerated him for so many days,

Yet this happened. Please help.

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Talk to Fiverr Support mate… I haven’t got any order yet, so when I saw a post like this I always feel worried about me… God knows what types of Buyer I have to face in future… :frowning:

Being a seller, there is not much we can do !
May be show him video of working software ? Try to solve out mutually.

If he is asking too many changes, tell him that extra revision are not free and he has to pay for it, and share him request for extras in original order !

I would also suggest you another thing, If order is not of big amount, Just ask him to cancel and leave it here, Because its your first order and he may rate you lower even after more struggle !

Last thing you can do is to go to fiverr cs, I am afraid they wont help you much in this but you can try…
They usually reply that they cant force buyer to accept delivery and you have to solve it mutually !

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Thanks for your reply! Much appreciated.

There is no way to remove your account and create new one right?

Why do you want to create a new account…? Fiverr won’t allow it. If you are right on your side then Face it rather than flee from problems. Contact Fiverr Support.

Yes, You are right!

BUT i was asking this because he might give me bad review. with really no fault of mine.

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So what…! don’t worry about it… Bad review won’t kill you… As I said if there is no fault of yours then just contact support. Talk to them first. They are the one who can do something for you… We are just sellers like you mate…

Report Resolution Center rather than argue with these type of customers.These kind of annoying customers are very rare according to my experience.

You appear to be offering unlimited revisions and 100% customer satisfaction.

Suggest you take the advice offered by @surajrenuka

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