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I need urgent help pls. Am getting fustrated

My name is Gabriel
I am a new seller on Fiverr. I have been on this forum for over six months even before becoming a seller. I have applied all the tips there is to apply as a new seller to get orders but over a month now I only got one order. I change my gig description, title and tag almost every three days to be sure they have the current trending keywords for my gig but all I could generate in a month is 300 impression, 2 clicks and one order. Pls is this normal coz I don’t know wat else I can do. I will appreciate if anyone can check wat may need improvement in my gigs.


What do you mean you have ‘applied all the tips there is to apply’? What tips? There is good advice, and there is bad advice. Maybe you were listening to only the bad advice, which leads me on to the next point…

Surely, this is about the worst thing you can do? Every time you edit your gig it is removed form search for a period of time. And I have never heard of ‘current trending keywords’. Whatever these are, I’m sure they wouldn’t change every three days.

Listen, the best thing you can do is make sure your gig is well worded, and then just let it be. If buyers like what you have to offer, then they will order. It’s that simple.


Wot he sed ^

Most of the advice you see in Forums & Groups is unwise. There are skilled people, however. What they say may seem less obvious or simplistic. In reality, though it is easier.

If you are chasing keywords, you are not looking to serve the needs of customers.

Let me explain, so much of what I see in these places (and in music groups) is people chasing some technical formula - I joke about the idea of having a hit by turning the red knob to 48. It is completely the wrong mindset so it leads in completely the wrong direction.

There will appear to be support for these Completion Backward Principle tipx n trix when DJ Shizzy Jizzer comes and says:

I done got hits when I turned the red knob to 45

Or when people notice that tracks with a certain type of sound are happening they figure if they get that exact sound they will be having hits.


Real success comes from things that solve a need in other people. The type of songs that scale the Pop charts represents the people. If the music is shallow drivel, it says you have a fearful population.

The real mind has to be on how to solve the needs of a certain type of person. Me: I deliberately try to avoid people trying to clone Trailer Swift, Ed Sheepman & Billie Eyelash so I ignore or even push away that type of person (nope them weren’t no spellos). I serve people who look to tell a Story in their music. The more that is a story of hope, the happier I am. That can be Death Metal or God Rocking, it matters not. My thing is helping bring out the magic in the music so the story shines. This serves the Song. So it also serves fans & the singer.

If you are not about chasing keywords, what are you about?


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Thanks for the advice.

Thanks for the explanation

Why would you change keywords every three days?

I’m sure even the smartest SEO expert would say doing that with a website would be silly.

Sometimes it takes time to get work here.


I was thinking they weren’t optimised enough for me to be seen since my impression wasn’t improving but I will ensure I don’t repeat such mistake again