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I need urgent orders on fiverr

My czn is getting married on January 1, I have been working hard for some time to get orders and earn money before marriage, but unfortunately I have not received any reply. So somehow you check my account and tell me what went wrong in my gig due to which I am not getting the order?

THANK UUU in advance

Brother your Gig looks good.

Your Gig price start from $35, but your competitors mostly start from $5 or $10, I am not asking for decrease price.
People Get orders on high price Gigs, But its takes time to get a order on high price Gigs. So you have to take patience

My suggestion:

I can see that you created only 2 Gigs. But I will suggest to create 5 more Gigs. That will increase chance of getting orders. No one can say that which Gig will rank better & sell better :slight_smile:

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